NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi holds a reputable and leading position among engineering universities of Pakistan. Being the first engineering institution of South Asia (founded in 1921), NED has always played a crucial role in leading technological and engineering advancements for building the nation’s economy and capabilities. Similar mindset has also prevailed in the young students of this prestigious institution who have always strived hard to achieve that seemed impossible to many.



Formula Racing Car’s isn’t a new ball game for NED students, they have made considerable achievements in the past.

However what Team Electric Endeavour NED aims is to design and fabricate an electric formula car rather than the previous traditional internal combustion formula cars.

  • Formula Fusion Ned Team won the breakthrough Award at FSUK 2017
  • NED Formula Racers participated North, Canada 2018
  • Ned Formula Racing participated in FSAE Italy 2016

+92 334 2654329

+92 334 2654329

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