What is Electric Endeavour NED (EEN)?

Electric Endeavour NED is the student formula team of NED University dedicated to design and fabricate Formula Electric Car. The team aims to represent Pakistan at International FSAE event.

What is Formula Vision 1.0?

Formula Vision 1.0; the combination of event and conference organized by the First Electric Formula Team of NED University, Electric Endeavour NED (EEN); the team with aim to design and fabricate Formula Electric Car Which will be competing in FSAE event in Australasia in December 2019.

EEN believes in sharing and spreading of knowledge as it is mankind’s biggest asset, and in order to accomplish with high spirits it has organized a platform in the name of Formula Vision 1.0. Formula Vision 1.0, an event first of its kind shall hold sessions to educate its audience regarding Electric Cars and their technology while satisfying further related questions that arise during the session. These sessions are meant to be specialized and be conducted by experienced individuals directly linked with the field of that specific technology.

Formula vision 1.0 not only goes on with how to Design Formula Electric Cars and Electric Cars but it also provides its audience an idea on how convert their Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) in to an Electric Vehicle (EV).

The session also highlights the key difficulties and challenges faced by the startup formula teams, Outlines the basic steps towards the fully fabricated and functional formula car that can compete in an international competition and provides it audience with the workspace and technicalities of the software’s and the Engineering used.

The session on different kind of design software will also be conduct that will help them to get familiar with their working environment as well as the strategies to use theoretical knowledge into practical implementation.

With the advancing technologies and the lack of non-renewable resources in the upcoming future, the formula vision 1.0 aims at making you aware of the electric cars and how a hybrid model can be beneficial for the upcoming future. Side by side, the discussion also takes place on the excessive use of combustion vehicles which is contributing towards the atmospheric problems that can be global catastrophic risk.

Formula Vision 1.0 will have a debatable environment on the best ways to fabricate a formula car. With not only the experience being shared but also the ideas and thoughts over how the designing and technicalities should be handled.

Last but not least, Formula Vision 1.0 is giving the incentive to its audience to get the chance to meet and learn from our honorable alumni and experts in the field of competing in international FSAE events who have proudly represented our nation on different international grounds and brought back home the honor and dignity that will always be remembered.

Tech-Event sessions

• Go Electric! Convert your ICE cars to EV
• Hybrid cars; do they really save money?
• Audience-panel discussion
• How to design Formula car? What tools and software to use?

Why Sponsor the Formula Vison 1.0?

Engage with the technical community

What’s in it for me?

Sponsoring Formula vision 1.0 event gives you:
• Access to influential individuals from different universities
• Unique marketing and brand exposure
• Internal and external networking opportunities
• Opportunity to make valuable contacts
• In-depth exposure to such tech-event
• Put your part in sustainable environment challenge

Expect to Meet

The event attracts individuals from multiple backgrounds across Pakistan, this conference type event is typically attended by more than 350 competitive individuals from 13 leading universities of Pakistan belongs to different technical, operational and business domain who are eager to learn about electric cars technology and senior engineers who are specialized in their fields, The majority of attendees are key technical personnel from different universities who are responsible for betterment of the technology and who are the future leaders 300​.

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